Eric Ledyard

Eric Ledyard
Eternally curious IT Executive (CTO/DevOps) with a history of Infrastructure, Cloud, and now specializing in the world of DevOps. Have been blessed to have a number of great positions over the years which have helped round out my skillset and allow me to take a true "systems thinking" approach to solving today's most challenging enterprise technology problems. Have helped multiple G2K customers achieve success as an advisory consultant, helping them in their Digital Transformation efforts. Always looking for the latest and greatest challenge and how I can join teams of the smartest and most innovative people possible.

  • men conversing while standing at their computers
    Operations and Uptime
    Why are large enterprises failing at DevOps transformations?
    June 30, 2020


  • Introducing the Now Platform Rome release
    Now Platform
    Welcome to the Now Platform Rome release!
    The Now Platform Rome release includes hundreds of new features that accelerate innovation and help organizations create agile hybrid work environments.
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    How healthcare company Roche innovated the employee experience
    Learn how healthcare company Roche found more agile, human-centric ways to improve collaboration and, ultimately, the patient and employee experience.
  • Hybrid work employee experience: A young woman works on a laptop at home.
    Employee Experience
    Delivering connected and engaging employee experiences for hybrid work
    The new Employee Workflows capabilities in the Now Platform Rome release are purpose-built employee experiences for hybrid work.

Trends & Research

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