L3D-IVU Workshop @ CVPR 2022

Learning with Limited Labelled Data for Image and Video Understanding

On June 20, 2022 Issam Hadj Laradji, Pau Rodriguez, and David Vazquez from ServiceNow Research will co-host a workshop on Learning with Limited Labelled Data for Image and Video Understanding as part of the CVPR 2022 Conference. The goal of this workshop is to explore approaches that learn from limited labelled data, with side information such as text data, or using data with weak to no supervision. The workshop will have a special focus on image and video understanding tasks, such as video segmentation/detection and action recognition, which have been under-explored by researchers so far. Find out more by visiting the workshop website.

Interested in participating? The deadline to submit your paper is March 5, 2022. We encourage submissions addressing the following topics and will consider other relevant contributions tackling issues pertaining to learning with limited labelled data: 

  • Few-shot classification, detection and segmentation in still images and video, including objects, actions, and scenes.

  • Cross-domain few-shot learning.

  • Zero-shot learning.

  • Self-supervised learning.

  • Weakly supervised learning.

  • Semi-supervised learning.

  • Transfer learning.

  • Open-set learning.

  • New benchmarks.

  • Real-world applications discussing the societal impact of few-shot learning.

All submissions will be peer-reviewed under a double-blind policy. Accepted papers will be presented during the poster session and some as orals. The two best papers will receive an award!

Got questions? Contact the organizing committee at l3divuworkshop@gmail.com.

The organizing committee includes Xin Wang (Microsoft Research), David Vazquez (ServiceNow Research), Pau Rodriguez (ServiceNow Research), Issam Laradji (ServiceNow Research), Gabriel Huang (ServiceNow Research), Richard Wildes (York University), Kosta Derpanis (York University), Mennatullah Siam (York University), Luping Zhou (University of Sidney), Boris Oreshkin (Unity Technologies).

We are excited to help bring this workshop together and hope to see you there!

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