ServiceNow is a best place to work: Here’s why

ServiceNow is a Fortune 100 Best Place to Work.

We all want the dream job.

The fact that so many of us look for “perfect” is what makes us human. But, as a friend of mine reminds me on a frequent basis, perfection is more often the enemy of “great.”

“The journey itself is the dream,” he coaches.

So, let’s take his premise and build on it. We’ve all been on a similar journey when it comes to our careers. We’ve all found satisfaction in certain assignments. Others? Not so much.

In my case, I’ve always found that a great place to work is a passionate place that doesn’t take itself too seriously—one that balances success and opportunity with self-awareness and humility. It’s also one that commits to a shared sense of purpose and progress, while preserving its credibility, by admitting how much hard work both require to achieve.

Through these experiences, we come to terms with what makes a great place to work. No company is perfect, but what separates good from great companies are the little things that, when added together, create the biggest impact.

By these standards, ServiceNow is a great place to work. And Fortune agrees, today naming us to its list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2021. Let me explain.


Standard 1: A passionate place that doesn’t take itself too seriously—one that balances success and opportunity with self-awareness and humility

ServiceNow is a fast-growing enterprise software company. We build digital workflows to help make work, work better for people. We’re fortunate to have some of the most talented engineers building on a dynamic platform. At the same time, our founder still beams like a proud parent when he hears about customers doing innovative and inspiring things on our platform.

During the past year, like many of our industry peers, we stepped up to try to help with the response to COVID-19. Even as we confronted the challenges, we looked for ways to help each other as colleagues. We tried to infuse levity and a little laughter into the conversation.

This is what I’m talking about: Hard-charging and empathetic are not mutually exclusive. Companies can be both. ServiceNow always tries to be both, which makes it a great place to work in my book.

Standard 2: One that commits to purpose and progress, while preserving its credibility, by admitting how much hard work both require

ServiceNow has stepped up its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and belonging over the past several years. Likewise, we’ve taken determined steps to be more of an active corporate citizen through our global impact programs. But, this is a journey without a destination. The year 2020 deepened our commitment to accelerate our diversity, inclusion, and belonging efforts, and to make more progress across more areas.

Just this year, we rolled out a comprehensive environment, social, and governance (ESG) strategy. We’re proud of it and believe it can lead us to being one of the most sustainable companies in the world—but only if we work hard to implement it.

Herein lies the real virtue of ServiceNow: We’re less interested in getting credit for a grand plan before we’ve done the work and achieved real results. Every single colleague in the company has the opportunity to participate in making this progress, which is why I believe ServiceNow is a great place to work.

In the end, here’s the one thing I want you to know about ServiceNow: We’re hiring. If you’re interested, visit our careers site and check out the opportunities. I caution: You won’t find perfection here. But you will, beyond any doubt, find a great place to work.

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