Pride at ServiceNow: The power of inclusion

Pride at ServiceNow: The power of inclusion

At ServiceNow, we’re celebrating Pride Month by amplifying the stories of our LGBTQ+ employees. One standout theme they've shared is that working for a company that values inclusion is incredibly powerful.

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“I’ve never felt more at ease just being myself at a company,” says Scott O., senior executive assistant to ServiceNow’s general counsel.

Nela B., senior principal success architect, agrees. “When you’re not (able to be) your authentic selves at work, it causes a lot of personal anguish.”

"I often think of myself as a super minority because I'm also a woman in tech. My partner is British Indian, and we are going to have a biracial baby. I also live with chronic illness, and finally I have been an immigrant since age 18." Nela B., senior principal success architect, ServiceNow

The importance of a safe space

Our Pride at Now Belonging Group, which both Scott and Nela belong to, creates a safe space for LGBTQ+ employees and their allies to build community within our company. “It’s a very special place for me,” Nela shares.

Each of us carries multiple identities and a multitude of experiences. That’s why, in addition to focusing on LGBTQ+ identities, it’s important for us to give space to our employees to share about their experiences as parents, immigrants, and more. It’s what embracing authenticity is all about.

In this second video of our two-part Pride at Now series, you’ll hear about Scott’s younger brother coming out as gay, Nela and her partner building a family, and how both Scott and Nela cherish an inclusive work environment.

If you missed our first video, "Honoring Our LGBTQ+ Employees,” be sure to watch it to hear the stories of three more of our LGBTQ+ employees.

We invite you to join us. Learn about job opportunities at ServiceNow.

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