Meet Jasen: Customer Success Starts with Teamwork   

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What really enticed me to come work at ServiceNow as a success architect was the opportunity to deal with ambiguity, work with the right partners, and deliver the right solutions to the customer. I spent fifteen years working as a tech consultant where navigating ambiguity to develop strategies is what we do. But it had become increasingly specialized in terms of what problems I’d solve. As a strategist, I wanted to see the broad picture to put various things together. I'm finally back to doing the work I love and this time I’m doing it while working closely with the customer’s c-suite so we’re creating solutions together. 

Power of Teams 

I joined an incredible customer account team at ServiceNow. The success executive and account executive on my team already developed a great customer relationship. As the customer currently rolls out ServiceNow® IT Business Management, the team and I run point on connections with them—whether we’re in committee meetings or I text the CEO with a great idea for some feedback. This open dialogue with senior leaders allows us to see from a broad view how the ServiceNow Platform will do several things for the customer that they currently can't accomplish or would otherwise require a ton of steps. With the ServiceNow Platform the customer will be able to look at the business in big picture turns. Our technology is transforming the way the customer runs the back office and gives them more power to improve projects—something that could only be achieved by us all working together as a team.  

 Before COVID-19 when we were doing business in person, it was easy to hop up and sketch things on the whiteboard. These days appear in boxes on a screen when we have video calls to check in on projects. No matter how we're engaging, whether it's in-person or virtually, what makes the team special is the collaboration we do to solve customer problems. 

 Working at ServiceNow means I can just turn to the expert on our platform team who had a hand in building the tool and get the information the customer needs. I can strategically focus on the broad picture, bring various parts together, and deliver answers that will transform the way the customer gets business done. Delivering customer success truly is a team effort across the company at ServiceNow. 

 Just as we invest the time and energy in our customers' success, we also believe strongly in developing our own teams at ServiceNow. Investing in the success of people means a lot to me because I have always thought it more important to make an impact for others. My mentor of 25 years is still the person I can pick up the phone and call to ask, “What am I missing?” and he’ll give me advice. So, I like doing that for people too, because if we can't bring the next layer of players and help them up their game, we're going to fall apart. We all benefit when we succeed together. Find the role for you, search Careers at ServiceNow to join our Customer Success Group. 


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