Future innovators: Making a difference at a fast-paced company

4 future innovation leaders

Remember the days when summer interns weren’t much more than glorified gofers? They’d get the mail and maybe some coffee—you know, “keep ’em busy with busywork” type of thing. That’s never been the case at ServiceNow.

Our intern program is about attracting—and retaining—top talent. We do that by giving them meaningful work filled with real challenges and real responsibilities, jobs that make a real impact on our environment, people, and communities.

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Fresh ideas welcome

Take Yash G. of our user experience performance team, for example. He started as an intern in 2019, before becoming a full-time employee earlier this year. He fondly remembers being “thrown into the deep end” during his internship. From day one, he was assigned to work on a project—JMeter Now, a wrapper for an industry-standard performance testing tool—that, just two years later, is in production and the center of his job.

“ServiceNow’s intern program pretty much crushes the competition,” he says. “Ever since the first summer here, I never felt like I was just grinding or doing someone else’s work. I always felt I was doing my own work—work that’s making a real difference. At first, it’s scary, even intimidating. But, at the same time, it’s very motivating, driving, and exciting.”

"You see that everything you do has a clear impact on the company's overall growth. That really motivates you and provides a sense of accomplishment." Abhijith M., Associate Software Engineer, ServiceNow

Srikar B. agrees. A product manager for the Dynamic Translation and Localization Framework, Srikar began his ServiceNow career as an intern in 2018. “Everyone is treated as a key stakeholder at ServiceNow,” he says. “There is no strict hierarchy, and management is approachable—encouraging both employees and interns to come up with fresh ideas.”

Former intern Natalya C., social media relationships manager, has been with the company for seven years. “I don’t look at it as I chose ServiceNow all those years ago,” she says. “I look at it as I continue to choose ServiceNow because of the opportunities it offers to me and the excitement of being part of building the brand and watching it evolve.”

Unique place with a fast pace

What makes ServiceNow different? For many early-in-career employees, it comes down to speed—and the expectation of performance.

Adam S., a former management consultant, no longer wanted to focus on high-level strategy—mainly working on papers. He wanted to build products that help people. ServiceNow offered the opportunity.

“The biggest difference between ServiceNow and other companies is pace,” says Adam, who now works in inbound product management. “The types of projects that would have been a three- to four-month project are done here in a two- to three-week period. We move extremely quick around here, and I love that.”

ServiceNow is "like a rocket ship that just continues to soar upward." Mica A., Business Systems Analyst, ServiceNow

Riding the high-growth wave

What’s it like being part of a high-growth company? It’s a whirlwind, says Abhijith M., an associate software engineer. He began a summer internship in early 2019 and was hired as a full-time employee by the end of that summer. In less than two years, his team has grown from six people to 30.

“When your team is growing that fast, you get to see the work you are doing contribute a great chunk to the company’s revenue and bottom line,” he says. “You see that everything you do has a clear impact on the company’s overall growth. That really motivates you and provides a sense of accomplishment.”

Former intern Mica A., a business systems analyst who’s been full time for nearly a year, says her job is anything but typical 9-to-5 work.

“What I enjoy most about working for ServiceNow is there’s never a day when I feel like I have the same mundane task,” she says. “One day I might be talking with stakeholders all day, and the next day I’m testing a feature we just built. ServiceNow is very dynamic. It’s like a rocket ship that just continues to soar upward.”

Natalya adds that ServiceNow’s high growth over the past several years has enabled the company to hit a “sweet spot,” in which a large enterprise can still operate like a smaller, nimble company.

“ServiceNow is still a place where our collective ideas come to life and shape the company but, at the same time, we already have the processes and resources in place to do the work we’re trying to do,” she says. “Our positioning between those two stages of growth makes working here both interesting and challenging.”

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