4 ways to digitally transform the customer experience

Workflow a better customer experience through digital transformation.

In an age when customers voice their dissatisfaction by ranting on social media or quietly taking their business to a competitor, it’s more important than ever to keep them engaged with—and coming back to—your brand. That requires a concerted effort to:

  • Create an experience that meets customers where they are
  • Provide solutions to their challenges
  • Deliver quick and timely responses
  • Personalize the experience for each individual

At ServiceNow, we’re committed to helping you workflow a better customer experience. Learn practical, attainable ways to engage your customers through these four webinars:

1. In-the-moment feedback

Customers expect immediate or near-immediate responses to questions, concerns, and interactions. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get feedback from them just as swiftly? Doing so could help you improve the customer experience—if you act on the results.

Get the lowdown from ServiceNow, Medallia, and CCW Digital experts in our webinar, Noteworthy Customer Experiences Require Insights and Execution. You’ll learn the importance of prompt input, as well as tactics that can lead to a higher Net Promoter Score (NPS).

2. Scaling customer operations

No organization likes to make costly mistakes that result in customer defections. Siloed organizations are unfortunately prone to such mistakes, which can cause them to lose both customers and revenue.

In How to Scale Customer Operations to Boost Customer and Agent Experiences, ServiceNow leaders share how a large international bank overcame this challenge—and saved $4 million a year.

3. Enterprise chatbots

These days, many customers don’t want to talk to a live person. They want to navigate a website and find the information that answers their questions. Chatbots can provide a helpful alternative for when a customer gets stuck in that navigation process, but the chatbot experience needs to be responsive and helpful.

Watch our Practical Guidance for Great Customer Experiences webinar to learn how to implement a successful chatbot using ServiceNow Virtual Agent. ServiceNow support and customer service experts explain how to ensure your chatbot is ready for prime time before you launch it.

4. Super agents

“Super agents” deliver engaging customer experiences by combining machine and human intelligence. They use AI to automate repetitive tasks and employ humans when cognitive decision-making is needed. This technology-assisted approach boosts agent confidence and results in better customer service and engagement.

In Super Agents Power Next-Gen Customer Experience, Kathy Neff, product marketing director at ServiceNow, and Nancy Jamison, industry director in the digital transformation practice at Frost & Sullivan, explain why this concept is game-changing. Learn how super agents can improve both customer and employee experiences.

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