How a CIO dashboard helps you run IT like a business

Run IT like a business with the ServiceNow CIO Dashboard.

Today’s business demands that IT transform from a cost center to an innovation engine. To foster a business mindset, IT leaders need full visibility into operations so they can achieve desired business outcomes. At ServiceNow, we run IT like a business to deliver value quickly, improve productivity, and create great user experiences.

The CIO Dashboard is one of the capabilities our IT leadership uses daily to advance business outcomes that help us scale. It’s based on a framework consisting of key decisions to be made, business-critical questions, and the required insights to help leaders chart the best course toward their goals.

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The dashboard focuses on five key areas:

  • Protecting business operations
  • Executing strategic programs
  • Using applications to drive productivity
  • Helping ensure customer and employee satisfaction
  • Contributing to the company’s growth.

Figure 1 shows the homepage, where top-level insights for each area are featured. A description of each area is outlined below.

The CIO Dashboard shows the homepage, where top-level data is featured.

Figure 1. CIO Dashboard view


Security plays a crucial role in any corporate environment. The dashboard (see Figure 2) provides risk exposure across various risk assessments and scenarios. This includes visibility into high-risk security issues from ServiceNow instances, vulnerabilities from cloud and corporate environments, and security response speed.

Customer and employee readiness metrics help security leaders understand how well our customers and employees are prepared to handle cyberattacks. A holistic view of security helps ensure IT’s business impact isn’t buried under piles of detailed data.

The CIO Dashboard security view provides risk exposure across various risk assessments and scenarios.

Figure 2. CIO Dashboard security view

Portfolio and program management

Aligning execution with strategic business goals to deliver on time and within budget is the focus of our IT project management team. High-level insights (see Figure 3) highlight program execution risks, track program benefits against desired outcomes, align resources to strategic priorities, keep budget variances under control, and enable adoption of upcoming releases. Leaders can drill into a portfolio view for increased awareness of execution challenges and achievements.

The CIO Dashboard project and portfolio management view provides high-level insights.

Figure 3. CIO Dashboard project and portfolio management view

Applications and services

One critical success factor is having IT apps and services that drive productivity by working as they should. We use the dashboard to identify improvement opportunities by tracking application usage (monthly active users), adoption, and frequency of use metrics. Deeper insights are available by executive function, region, specific application, and service.

IT leadership uses this data to help ensure investments are on track to deliver the desired outcomes and to make course corrections along the way. By looking at the entire landscape, IT leaders can improve operational efficiency without sacrificing employee satisfaction.


The CIO Dashboard offers a one-stop shop for visibility into sentiments that customers, stakeholders, and employees share on IT products and services. Customer sentiments about our products and services, executive briefings, and partner portal surveys are displayed.

Employee sentiments are gathered from internal apps such as the employee portal, Virtual Agent chatbot, Now Mobile app, and IT infrastructure. IT employee engagement survey metrics can also be viewed. These stats help us identify and address gaps.

Value (Now on Now)

ServiceNow strives to be the first to adopt and use its own products in its operations. The CIO Dashboard, built on the Now Platform® and the Now Experience UI Framework, is a perfect example of how we use our own products. We use the value area to assess the impact of Now on Now activities on company performance and customer experience, areas of special interest for our CIO.

Built on the Now Platform

The CIO Dashboard delivers powerful decision-making capabilities for the IT leadership team. The Now Platform greatly simplifies the integration of data from multiple ServiceNow instances and third-party apps into a single pane of glass.

ServiceNow Performance Analytics displays key performance indicator trends against targets. Leaders can drill down into source data from across the company. A big advantage is that the CIO and team can access the data on their mobile devices (see Figure 4).

The CIO Dashboard mobile view lets the CIO and team access pertinent data on their mobile devices.

Figure 4. CIO Dashboard mobile view

Using Now Experience, we were able to emulate the feel of a web application and elevate the user experience. IT leadership can find detailed insights in supporting dashboards with in-context knowledge graphs. Metric definitions clarify data sources and calculations in context.

With the CIO Dashboard, our IT leadership can run IT like a business. Leaders have visibility into all aspects of IT operations so they can continually identify opportunities to increase efficiency, improve user experiences, and protect our operations from threats. And, as we hit bumps in the road, they can make smart decisions that keep us on course to achieve desired business outcomes.

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