Meet Stoffel: Building trust and a meaningful career at ServiceNow

Stoffel, a senior renewals account manager at ServiceNow Canada, shares what it's like to work at ServiceNow.

I’m part of the renewals team for digital go-to-market strategy. We work with partners or customers and sales to renew subscriptions to ServiceNow solutions. We make sure we’re meeting their needs and that they’re getting all the value they can from our services.

The job requires you to ramp up quickly, see the big picture, and be flexible because things change, and then they change again. You also must be able to listen—to customers and the sales teams—to understand their needs.

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When I started with the team, we were very new and, in some cases, sales didn’t know who we were. We had to quickly build trust with the sales team so they would let us in and see that we can add value.

When we can bring it all together and get the renewals closed, the partner is happy, the client is happy, we’re happy, and the sales rep sometimes says, “Thank goodness you’re here.” That’s really a great feeling.

"My job is challenging and very stimulating, but what's really motivating is knowing that you can go to many other places in the company and grow." -- Stoffel D., senior renewals account manager at ServiceNow Canada

A culture like no other

I didn’t realize how much of a difference culture can make until I got here. At my previous company, it was everyone for themselves. You do your job and, if you do it well, maybe you get a little pat on the back. Here, people are generous with their time. There are so many people I could call if I have a question, and everyone is open to hearing ideas.

I really appreciate the culture of recognition, too. I think I was here for maybe three months, and I got a call from the VP, out of the blue, saying, “Hey, I heard you were working on this deal and doing a really great job, so thank you and congratulations.” That’s something that took five minutes of his time, but it made my day and month.

ServiceNow is a great place to grow professionally and personally. My job is challenging and very stimulating, but what’s really motivating is knowing you can go to many other places in the company and grow. I’ve seen it with colleagues who were moved into positions that hadn’t existed before. That’s really interesting to me.

We’re all part of the journey to become the defining enterprise software company of the 21st century. It’s amazing to be part of this.

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