4 benefits of combining ITSM and ITOM

Combining ITSM and ITOM can help your business be more proactive and resilient.

IT management can be costly and time-consuming without streamlined processes and systems to support your business goals. With the quickened pace of business requiring faster scale, leaders and decision-makers must find ways to adapt and optimize their processes.

Combining IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM) can help you prioritize operations efficiency while delivering the best service to your employees. ITOM helps keep your business running smoothly while ITSM helps keep your employees happy with timely and excellent IT service.

Discover four benefits of combining ITSM and ITOM in these ServiceNow webinars:

A single source of truth

WellStar Health wanted to optimize its operations to deliver world-class experiences for both customers and employees. In our WellStar Health overhauls their CMDB webinar, learn how a single source of IT truth helped the organization save 26 days in root cause analysis and decrease mean time to repair (MTTR) by 25%.

Eliminated silos

As company demands continue to increase, shifting from legacy IT tools to the cloud can keep your business running smoothly. ServiceNow Predictive AIOps, part of ITOM, can help you automate issue identification and reduce MTTR to achieve your targeted key performance indicators.

Watch our Breaking down the siloed web of legacy IT tools webinar to learn how to empower your IT team with a single cloud system.

Enterprise visibility

Do you find your IT management is costly, chaotic, and inefficient? Adopting a cloud system that spans both ITSM and ITOM can help you gain quick results and lower incident rates.

Watch our Gain visibility across the enterprise with ITSM and ITOM webinar to learn how ITSM and ITOM can help you drive down costs and stay competitive.

Automated IT service delivery

Speed and agility are crucial in today’s marketplace. As businesses continue to innovate to meet the needs of both customers and employees, shifting to one platform for all IT management can help you keep up with demands.

Check out our Automate IT service delivery webinar to learn how you can scale your IT needs and reduce outages.

Managing your IT systems doesn’t have to be difficult. Combining ITSM and ITOM in a single cloud platform can help you be more proactive in executing your business operations.

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