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What leading experts will share at Knowledge 2020

Though leadership 2020

Part of the excitement around Knowledge 2020 is gleaning new insights about the future of work from business leaders. This year, experts from ServiceNow, EY, Accenture, Deloitte and elsewhere offer their perspectives on everything from applying AI in customer service to putting corporate sustainability principles into practice.  Here’s a look at what’s coming up during K20’s thought leadership series.

To access the Knowledge 2020 keynotes and sessions mentioned below, make sure to register or sign in first.

How women can lead and succeed

Chief strategy officer Lara Caimi discusses the “potholes” women encounter in their careers, and explains how the right pathways can help them thrive. Check out the session: Potholes & pathways: How working women can achieve success and inspire others.

Boosting a culture of belonging

Chief talent officer Pat Wadors offers her take on how human connection—made possible by technology—can increase our culture of belonging, even during a crisis. Check out the session: How technology increased our culture of belonging during crisis.

Future focused and thought provoking

How AI can reinvent government

Bob Osborn, CTO of global governments at ServiceNow, understands the biggest technology opportunities for the public sector. He’ll explain why risk, urgency, and confidence are all it takes to help government agencies embrace AI. Check out the session: How AI can reinvent government.

Building a digital culture
How does process automation affect workers and employee cultures? How can leaders implement digital strategies in a way that maximizes both employee satisfaction and business impact? In this talk, ServiceNow editor in chief Richard Murphy presents learnings from the Ethnography of Work study. ServiceNow researchers conducted a comparative study of two very different organizations: a healthcare system in Australasia and a state government agency in the U.S. Our goal was to understand how employee experiences change when humans and machines collaborate. Watch the session: Building a digital culture.

Be amazing—or go home
Longtime customer experience expert Shep Hyken will show how you can deliver amazement to your customers and colleagues. You’ll learn specific tactics and tools to help you build stronger relationships and create lasting confidence. Check out the session: Be amazing or go home.

Unleashing the value of 5G
In this session, Accenture communications industry lead Peters Suh explains how 5G will transform established business models, networks, and infrastructure value chains. You’ll gain insights into unlocking the revenue and growth potential of 5G through the concept of “Network DNA”.

Human capital and productivity trends
Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends Report for 2020 has recently been released. Hear from Deloitte’s Global Human Capital leader, Erica Volini, about the trends that are shaping our current environment and what shifts are required to address a diverse digital workforce, improve productivity, and increase employee satisfaction.

Sustainability as differentiator
Long-term competitive advantage will belong to businesses that can turn corporate responsibility into business opportunity. EY COO Scott Mason explains how companies can finally put principles into strategic practice. Check out the session: Sustainability as a differentiator.

The ‘digital butterfly effect’
In this eye-opening talk, ServiceNow chief innovation officer Dave Wright highlights the unexpected changes that innovation can cause. Check out the session: The ‘digital butterfly effect’.

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