CareAR announces augmented reality integration with ServiceNow

 CareAR augmented reality integration for ServiceNow

CareAR announces the availability of its ServiceNow integration, providing an innovative industry solution seamlessly extending enterprise-grade augmented reality (AR) visual support as part of a ServiceNow digital workflow experience. Available for ServiceNow® ® Customer Service Management, Field Service Management, and IT Service Management, CareAR is an augmented reality visual support platform that helps enterprises digitally transform their service experience with game-changing AR capabilities delivering greater operational efficiencies, customer outcomes, and safety.

Starting from either the ServiceNow Mobile Agent application or Agent Workspace desktop interface, the integration provides real-time visual AR assistance and guidance for customers, employees and field workers on-site. Remote agents and experts are able to virtually see the situation and visually guide customers and field workers intuitively using a suite of collaborative AR tools via desktop, mobile and smart glass devices, as if they were there, in-person. 

Additionally, CareAR can instantly capture content of pictures and video recordings during service sessions.

“NTT DATA is focused on helping our clients use digital technology to transform their business and deliver improved user experience,” said Cris Kibbee, chief delivery officer, NTT DATA Services. “Capabilities such as AR, AI, and integrated digital workflows are transformative to enabling greater operational efficiencies and enhancing customer experiences. We are continuously co-developing innovative technologies and approaches in these areas, with partners like CareAR and ServiceNow, to build solutions that augment and help our teams deliver faster while consistently aligned with user expectations.”  

Service teams today are challenged by lack of situational context and skilled resources when it comes to troubleshooting incidents, whether in the field, workplace, or customers’ sites. The ability to remotely solve or enable customers or users to self-solve problems creates greater efficiency and productivity of people across the value chain.

“CareAR’s vision of making expertise accessible is more crucial now than ever before,” said Sam Waicberg, co-founder and CEO, CareAR. “CareAR and ServiceNow are on a journey to enable enterprises to deliver intelligence and instructions, instantly for their customers, employees, and field workers, so they can provide digital experiences that deliver the greatest customer engagements and outcomes.”

“Service teams today are challenged with solving problems in increasingly complex situations, especially in light of COVID-19. They want to increase efficiency, reduce operational costs, and improve customer outcomes—all while ensuring employee safety,” said Michael Ramsey, vice president of product management for customer workflow products at ServiceNow. “Together with CareAR, ServiceNow is delivering digital experiences that empower service teams to better solve problems remotely so work can be completed efficiently and safely.”

Through this integrated partnership, CareAR and ServiceNow customers can: 

  • Solve problems faster, the first time: Organizations can now gain valuable visual and situational context, along with the digital tools they need in order to focus more of their time on solving the actual problem versus assessing the situation. CareAR provides a visual AR engagement solution addressing common support use cases such as remote trouble shooting or smart hands for "See What I See."

    If on-site presence is needed, the ability to “Show Before You Go” in order to see what your customers or field workers see, prior to being dispatched, ensures greater likelihood to fix the problem the first time, using desktop, mobile or smart glass devices. CareAR recently announced support for Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, that works as part of CareAR’s workflow integration with ServiceNow, delivering a “hands-free” remote visual AR support solution.
  • Improve Operational Efficiencies: Reducing bottom line expenses is imperative, especially in today’s climate. The ability to deflect truck rolls by conducting virtual visits can also deflect significant expenses to the bottom line. These operational efficiencies correlate directly with improved customer outcomes.  
  • Enhance Customer and Employee Safety: Organizations today need new ways to enhance their remote work and support capabilities while still being productive, effective, and now safe. The luxury of physically going onsite is less available to us today. CareAR can play a key role in delivering on the above KPIs while allowing customers and employees to work remotely.
  • Bridge Skills Gap and Knowledge Transfer:  As more senior and experienced professionals leave the workforce over the next five to 10 years, they’ll take tribal knowledge along with them. New processes and tools are needed to help bridge skills gaps and distribute expertise across people and systems.  CareAR helps make expertise accessible through real-time interactions with remote experts, self-guided instructions, and contextual insights.

About CareAR:
CareAR is the augmented reality support platform for the modern service management enabled enterprise. We make expertise accessible, instantly for customers, employees, and field workers through visual AR interactions, instructions, and insights as part of an end-to-end service management digital workflow. As a result, CareAR uniquely augments intelligence to accelerate skills gap and knowledge transfer of service management teams while providing greater operational efficiencies, customer outcomes, and safety for Covid-19. 


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