Healthcare IT webinars: How to build smarter hospital workflows

Workflow technology helps Healthcare IT

Advances in technology have transformed what you can achieve in healthcare today. But they’ve also introduced obstacles that may be slowing down your staff and interfering with your mission. At ServiceNow, our goal is to eliminate the obstacles, so you can make the most of technology while always focusing on your number one priority: delivering the best possible care to your patients and your community.  

Today, more and more healthcare providers are turning to ServiceNow to streamline their workflows, connect their teams, and integrate their systems. The result? More effective staff and clinicians—and better care for patients.  

Check out the webinars from our list to learn best practices for achieving success in healthcare today.  

WellStar Health overhauls their CMDB and self-service automation to provide world-class experience  

In this webinar you will hear about WellStar Health System’s journey to provide world-class experiences for its employees and customers—via a service-aware Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and the Now Platform®. WellStar Health System was able to decrease its root cause analysis from 30 to only 4 days—while reducing its mean time to repair (MTTR) by 25%. You will get insights into reducing costs and scaling IT for uncertain times, including:  

  • Improving your IT services and operations on a single platform 

  • Resolving issues swiftly while driving down costs 

  • Gaining visibility and reducing your mean time to repair (MTTR)   

Master IT workflows in healthcare 

Master IT workflows in healthcare to transform IT Service Management for patients, clinicians, and administration. 

A lot of the value of IT comes from software that can be deployed quickly and scaled efficiently, particularly when faced with disruption. Legacy solutions, comprised of disjointed and fragmented tools, make it difficult to thrive in the changing healthcare environment and limit IT's ability to deliver modern services. The result is IT spends more time fighting fires instead of innovating. 

During the webinar, leaders from ServiceNow will explore how a unifying solution to bridge IT services can connect people, functions and systems to drive innovation, increase business agility and unlock productivity. They will also discuss how the automation will help free up money that can be reinvested to further improve IT and operations — enabling you to work better in any environment. 

Topics covered include: 

  • Delivering scalable IT services for healthcare on a single ITSM cloud platform 

  • Increasing IT agent productivity and resolving issues faster with platform-native AI 

  • Creating unique service experiences that are tailored to your employees 

Presenters include Drew Koerner, Chief Healthcare Architect, ServiceNow. 

Thermo Fisher Scientific: Driving employee experience transformation with ServiceNow

This webinar discussed Thermo Fisher Scientific’s vision for the (colleague) employee experience, the journey of using ServiceNow to enhance the employee experience, as well as key benefits since going live on ServiceNow. 

Healthcare: Rethinking digital workflows for clinicians, staff, and HR 

Employee and clinician experiences can impact care delivery, brand perception, and corporate performance. HR plays a pivotal role in transformation by making it easier to attract, hire, manage, develop, and retain the best talent to serve patients and the community. And these processes have been strained as a result of COVID-19.  

Discover strategies to create more streamlined HR and lessons learned enabling great experiences, helping clinicians spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on what matters—patients. Drew Koerner, Chief Solutions Architect for Healthcare at ServiceNow, will offer best practices for healthcare organizations looking to simplify critical administrative processes.  

In this webinar you will find out how you can: 

  • Reduce manual processes, simplifying HR processes 

  • Coordinate people and systems more efficiently, making it easier to respond quickly when the unexpected happens 

  • Enable clinicians to spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time with patients 

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