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Create experiences that make work better

Liz Fassone

We all have certain traits we admire in great leaders. Integrity, vision and humility are a few that resonate for me. But in the wake of the global pandemic, I’ve also come to realise just how essential it is for employers to consistently demonstrate – through their words and actions – that they genuinely care about making work better for people.

The crisis has shown us that when leaders communicate clearly in the moments that matter, employees feel they’re being taken care of. There’s a sense of positivity and shared possibility, and a shared commitment to doing the best possible work.

When our CEO Bill McDermott announced ServiceNow’s No Layoffs pledge, it was one of those ‘moments’ I described, an experience that made a difference, for the better. It was a declaration to the 12,000+ peers I work with, that each one of us matters.

For me, this people-first commitment, gave me confidence to continue to focus on my work, rather than carrying the mental and emotional weight of job uncertainty.

We’re dedicated to doing the right thing by our customers and each other.

The feeling is mutual

Something else I’ve learned is that when you feel taken care of, you’re inclined to ensure those around you feel the same way.

ServiceNow’s capacity to care extends beyond employees to our customers and communities.  In March, we released four Emergency Response applications, which are free for organisations to use. Here in Australia, ServiceNow also released two solutions to support local organisations applying for the government’s Job Keeper payments.  

 These community-minded projects tell me the company is in a strong position to focus on helping others in the best way we know how: using technology in service of people.  In my role as a solution consultant, you’ll often hear me say ‘Hey, there’s an app for that’. I love nothing better than finding new ways to make work, work better for our customers. 

I recently came across the term ‘STEMpathy’, which I think is a great way to describe what a successful solution consultant must have: a solid grounding in rigorous STEM scientific thinking combined with exceptional skills in empathy, communication, human connection. We look to make work life a little more like real life—an endeavour that requires a high degree of collaboration and care in solving our customers’ challenges. 

Liz Fassone

Creating a great workplace

ServiceNow recently participated in the 2020 Great Places to Work Australia survey for the first time.  After four and half years with the company, it was a welcome opportunity for me to share something I’ve known for a long time: Our workplace culture is awesome.

The opportunities for personal growth and development here are limitless. From creating innovative solutions to customer problems to co-presenting a keynote with our global Chief Innovation Officer at our Now at Work event in Sydney last year, there really isn’t a dull day at one of Australia’s best places to work.

One of ServiceNow’s commitments is about embracing belonging—creating a culture of trust, where all voices are heard, and we feel safe bringing our authentic selves to work. Knowing I’m safe and supported has unquestionably helped me navigate the ‘new normal’ and, in turn, guide others.

The survey revealed 95% of my colleagues agree that people care about each other at ServiceNow. It’s confirmation that while the pandemic may have disrupted how we live and work, we’re staying true to what we stand for and it has made us stronger. 

Explore careers at ServiceNow.

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