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Vote, volunteer, donate—the future is in your hands

Civic Engagement at ServiceNow

COVID-19, social unrest, basketball in a bubble, and murder hornets. 2020 has been an undeniably wild ride.

In the face of overwhelming change, there’s a tendency to lay low and wait until the uncertainty has passed. But you can’t hit pause on the political and civil rights issues that affect us all, which is why now is the time to lean into civic engagement.

ServiceNow believes that being civically aware and engaged is one of the most important things a person can do. So, we’re putting our efforts where our values are by encouraging every employee to speak up, speak out, and make their voices heard.

Vote your voice

Civic engagement comes in a variety of forms, the most fundamental being exercising one’s right to vote. And registered voters in the United States have an opportunity to make their voices heard on November 3, 2020.

We want every ServiceNow employee who is eligible to vote in the U.S. to head to the polls or mail in their ballot. To that end, we encourage people to learn more about their local, state, and national issues—and then take that knowledge and translate it into action.

As part of this effort to encourage voter turnout, ServiceNow has donated $25,000 each to two of the most respected voter registration organizations in the United States: League of Women Voters Education Fund and Rock the Vote. Both organizations are nonprofit and nonpartisan, focused on helping all Americans successfully navigate the voting process—a more challenging endeavor in the age of COVID-19.

We hope this inspires ServiceNow employees to explore their voter registration options and meet the deadlines and requirements for their preferred way of voting, regardless of location or political affiliation. Your voice and your vote matters.

 As soon as I saw the power of the platform, a lightbulb went off in my head. This is a product that any company in the world can not only use, but they need it too. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen before, quote by Anna, Enterprise Account Executive from the UK

Volunteer, donate, participate 

We also encourage our employees across the globe to extend their voices beyond the ballot box by volunteering for causes close to their hearts. 

As part of our Giving at Now program, employees can log 20 hours per year of nonpartisan, nonprofit volunteer time off. This includes time spent volunteering as a poll worker, helping people register to vote, or helping people get to the polls. In addition, money donated to nonprofit, nonpartisan social causes will be matched by ServiceNow up to $1,000 a year per employee. Organizations like Rock the Vote and League of Women Voters Education Fund fall under this category, and we hope employees will use this opportunity to support the organizations working to make a meaningful difference in their communities and country. 

(Note that because ServiceNow works closely with various levels of government in a nonpartisan way, volunteering for a political candidate or party is not covered under the Giving at Now time off policy.)

The future is in your hands

We are committed to creating a workplace grounded in diversity, one that celebrates authenticity and expands to accommodate a rich wealth of backgrounds, ideas, and experiences. By providing information, resources, and encouragement, we hope every employee is inspired to participate in civic engagement in whatever way they prefer. 

When we pull the levers of power, we all have at our fingertips—voting, volunteering, and donating—we can create a political and community landscape that reflects our needs and values. And in an uncertain world during unsettled times, we believe that becoming civically involved can help restore a sense of belonging—in 2020 and beyond.

Work with people who care. Explore careers with us.

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