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ServiceNow Launches Enterprise DevOps


ServiceNow this week launched our new Enterprise DevOps offering as a natural extension of our workflow capabilities for application development.

We know that software eats (and runs) the world and Enterprise DevOps is part of that process.  ServiceNow already uses DevOps to manage internal software development, which involves some 80 builds every day, along with code check-ins from a thousand ServiceNow developers worldwide.

What is Enterprise DevOps?
Enterprise DevOps is a collaborative work approach that stems from a desire to overcome the way we used to build software in the pre-millennial age. Developers would take requirements from users, build code and then ‘throw it over the wall’ to Operations, who would have to run it, maintain it and generally keep it alive. That time is coming to pass, thankfully.

Enterprise DevOps signifies a new yin-yang of tactical and strategic balance where both departments work in unison to produce continuous software for the always-on world of cloud.  ServiceNow’s launch of Enterprise DevOps is extremely timely given that 80% of companies are now expected to adopt DevOps principles within the next two years.

Harness the Power of DevOps in the Enterprise
When we started to build ServiceNow Enterprise DevOps we looked at both sides of the equation. We know that IT Ops wants control, transparency, security and governance. Equally, we know that the Dev wants agility, flexibility and speed.

Our mission is to help customers move from previous traditional enterprise software development practices where apps are developed in one silo and then operated in another. A typical Enterprise DevOps workflow includes: software planning, coding, testing, deployment and the ongoing operations of a live app.

Our strategy is to enable ServiceNow to be the go-to workflow platform for Enterprise DevOps execution. Our workflows will help drive not only development of apps on our platform, but also the orchestration of application development of any enterprise app using ServiceNow.

ServiceNow Enterprise DevOps Roadmap
The London release of our platform sees us offering Enterprise DevOps focused on software planning with:

  • Our Scaled Agile Framework 4.5 product
  • Agile planning with our Agile Development product
  • Integrations with popular developer collaboration tools, such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

In the Madrid release we will extend Enterprise DevOps into the software coding, building and testing parts with integrations to:

  • Atlassian Jira, the Agile planning and issue tracking tool
  • Git, the well-known source code repository for software development
  • Jenkins, the continuous integration and software automation tool

ServiceNow Enterprise DevOps will be available in our London release to customers who are entitled to our ITBM suite or ITSA Unlimited package.

We’re just beginning the journey of providing a full Enterprise DevOps workflow for our customers – stay tuned for more in the coming months!



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