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  • Digital Transformation
    Survey: Less than 20% of CIOs highly effective using new tech for digital transformation
  • Digital Workflows
    Your Work Life Just Became as Great as Real Life
  • Strategy
    Lessons from a Top CIO

Product Insights

  • At the Tech Lounge, the human touch makes all the difference
  • Always Be Closing finance
    Service Delivery and Management
    Delivering great service to employees is the first step to improving employee experience
  • Partners
    Accruent helps clinics delivers safer, more modern healthcare equipment on the Now Platform

Life at Now

  • Life at Now
    At Grace Hopper, women expand their network—and their brand
  • Life at Now
    Four Tips for How to Network—and Have Fun—at Grace Hopper Conference
  • Life at Now
    San Diego engineers build tech, teams, and legacies


  • AltaGas keeps it simple with out-of-the-box GRC
    09-19-2019 Using ServiceNow allowed AltaGas to increase the maturity of the cybersecurity and GRC processes and enable a better alignment with WGL’s security processes.
  • Digital Workflows
    How Novartis manages global risk at scale
    07-11-2019 Novartis needs a lot of outside help to manufacture, market, sell, and distribute its goods and services—namely, more than 80,000 third-party vendors in 155 countries.
  • How Denver replaced spreadsheets with Vendor Risk Management
    07-24-2019 How Denver replaced spreadsheets with Vendor Risk Management
  • Digital Workflows
    How Mary Kay tamed the ITOM beast
    06-20-2019 How Mary Kay tamed the ITOM beast

Trends & Research

How ‘everyday bias’ hurts women at work
Code has no gender
Why women leave tech